Sunday, November 16, 2014

Watch Manny Pacquiao vs Chris Algieri PPV Live Stream 22 Nov.

Watch HBO Pay-Per-View Boxing Manny Pacquiao vs Chris Algieri Live Streaming. Manny Pacquiao (56-5-2, 28 KOs) is preparing well for his upcoming battle for the WBO Welterweight Title against Chris Algieri (20-0-0, 8 KOs) at Venetian Casino & Resort, Macao, Macao S.A.R., China on November 22, 2014. Antonio DeMarco (31-3-1, 23 KOs) and Jessie Vargas (20-0-0, 9 KOs) will clash for the Light Welterweight Title in the co-main event.

What we know about Chris Algieri: What we know is that Algieri has good boxing skills (not great). He’s a bit of a jabbing machine, uses lateral movement all night and tries to circle his way out of trouble. He can make some adjustments as the fight goes on and after his battle with Ruslan Provodnikov we know he’s disciplined, and capable of keeping his cool and stick with the game plan. We also know by now that he has heart.

He has a masters degree in nutrition so he knows how to feed his body and cares enough to do all the things that are needed to do before a big fight. His downside will be his competition and lack of experience as a professional boxer.
Advantage for Algieri: His height, reach, youth, and ability to stay busy for 12 rounds.

Weakness: Doesn’t have a great defense, lack of experience, and doesn’t possess good power.

What we know about Manny Pacquiao: We know Pacquiao is a quick in and out fighter who can pack a punch. Manny Pacquiao has changed since his glory days due to aging and suffering a knockout to Juan Manuel Marquez. Manny proved he’s still a top fighter when he beat the former #3 pound for pound boxer in Timothy Bradley. We also know that Pacquiao punches from awkward angles and has good movement, he bobs and weaves, sticks and moves then sticks again. He’s the much more experienced fighter here at the highest of levels.

Advantage for Manny Pacquiao: His speed, mobility, power, and experience.

Weaknesses: Size,can get a little reckless, sometimes moves back in a straight line after engaging, can have trouble with boxers who move constantly.

So what would most likely happen? Well as a boxing fan I can tell you that my prediction can turn out to be completely wrong. Its extremely difficult to predict a fight because as we all know by now anything can happen in boxing. With that being said this is what I think will most likely happen. I believe Pacquiao’s speed will be a factor in the first couple of rounds. Pacquiao will land some punches through Algieris guard. Meanwhile Chris Algieri will trouble pacquiao a bit with his jab which will help him set up some straight rights and combinations. Pacquiao will block most of them but some will get through. Algieri might find a little success to Pacquiaos body as Pacquiao hasn’t defended that area particularly well as of late.  I don’t think he’ll be landing enough body punches to make a big  impact on the fight. I do believe Pacquiao will find a way of dodging most of Algieris onslaught of jabs and pitty pat punches. Pacquiao will have to chase Algieri a bit because Algieri constantly moves which might leave Pacquiao open. Algieri will get aggressive himself and find some success until Pacquiao eventually catches Algieri with some punches that could hurt him.

Pacquiao will find some openings when Algieri gets on the ropes and could put together a 3 punch combination here and there. Pacquiao will dig to the body early and abandon that attack for head shots later on. I think Algieri will start making adjustments in the early to middle rounds after dealing with Pacquiaos speed. Finding ways to counter Pacquiao and land his pitty pat punches first, only to land something good to the body or head at the end of a combination. Pacquiao will then try to adjust as he starts getting his timing down. Algieri will be throwing jabs to Pacquiaos face all night and will be the busier fighter making the bout tough to score for most of the fight. I believe Algieri will land some punches cleanly on pacquiaos face in the middle rounds. We might even feel like there will be a shift in momentum that might have Pacquiao fans begin to worry a bit, but have no fear Pacquiao will start throwing that quick straight left up top and move out the way with his quick feet. He will begin to outbox Algieri in the later rounds as he gets his timing down beautifully because his experience and ring generalship will begin to show. Thus securing the championship rounds for the win. Maybe even scoring a late knock down. My Prediction Pacquiao wins by unanimous decision with the chance of a split decision. ( some judge might see it differently) 8-4 rounds/7-5 rounds for Pacquiao in a competitive match. (because it will be tough to score due to the contrast in styles)

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