Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez Showtime PPV Live Streaming 14 Sep.

On September 14, 2013 two undefeated champions will meet in the square circle. One a 17 year pro with accolades that most fighters could never fathom the thought of containing. The other a promising young champion with a ceiling as high as those in the cathedrals of the Renaissance Era.

One is a proven war veteran, capable of using his mind to adjust to the many challenges that the battlefield brings, the other a skilled Private with firepower to balance out any shortcomings he may have and any unforeseen obstacles that may appear.

They will meet in the coliseum and they will do battle and there are a lot of ways this battle could end.

Mayweather by wide UD: This is the most probable outcome, as I anticipate Mayweather will outclass and outbox Alvarez. If it ends this way then Canelo Alvarez walks away with plenty of experience and his future intact and bright, setting up a potential fight with Erislandry Lara or Miguel Cotto in 2014. Floyd Mayweather will have added yet another impressive victory to his resume leaving no doubt that he is the best boxer in the sport today, silencing critics who claim he doesn’t fight the best competition available. Potentially setting up a fight with Amir Khan, or Lucas Matthysse in 2014.

Alvarez by wide UD: Though unlikely, this would be astonishing and potentially legacy damaging. It would give strength to Mayweather’s critics who say that he “cherry picks” opponents. They will say that once he ran into a worthy opponent he was exposed and battered. Alvarez on the other hand will be remembered as the first man to put a mark on Mayweather’s flawless record, sky rocketing him to a top five position in the Pound For Pound rankings, seeing as he not only won the bout, but did so in dominating fashion. The two would meet up for a rematch on Cinco De Mayo weekend 2014 in one of the most anticipating rematches in modern boxing history. It will also be the first time fans and critics would get to see how Floyd Mayweather responds to a loss.

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